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Program Overview

Cultivate applied English talents with international vision, English proficiency, and humanistic literacy. The talents’ development takes "industry-education integration" as the method, adopts the talent training mode of language + industry skills. English + international hotel management, English + children's English education; Business English + cross-border E-commerce, Business English + international tourism management, and promote the integration of courses, industry certificates and vocational trainings.

Program Recognition 

The second prize at national level for the first foreign language teaching achievement.

One Provincial Key Specialized Major and one Provincial Model Applied Major.

Two provincial model applied courses and two online quality courses.

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language to Thailand schools.


There are 35 full-time teachers in core classes, 14 with the title of associate professor or above, including a total of 6 teachers with overseas educational background and foreign teachers. There are 10 TESOL international expert English teachers, one college-level teaching master, and six college-level outstanding teachers. Teachers have won more than 20 teaching competitions at the provincial level and more than 30 research and teaching improvement projects at the provincial level and above.

Career Prospects

Students actively participated in international exchange programs such as internships in the United States, exchange students at Chiang Mai University in Thailand, graduate studies at Prince of Songkhla University in Thailand, and employment programs in Dubai. Graduates are employed in the fields of hospitality, tourism, education (English), international trade and translation, and more than a hundred students have been to the United States, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates for internships or employment.

Undergraduate Programs

1. English

Degree: Bachelor of Arts 

Duration: 4 years, full-time

Total Credits: 142+4

Core Courses: English Speech, English Composition I, English Composition II, English-Chinese Translation, Chinese-English Translation, English-Chinese Interpretation, Introduction to Linguistics, Introduction to English Literature.


The first batch of application-oriented demonstration major in Sichuan Province, the key specialty major in Sichuan Province.

Provide high-end talents for the modern service industry, with high talents demand in the hotel, tourism and English education industries.

Language + industry competency development. English language skills combined with professional knowledge and management skills in international hotels, knowledge of English education and English teaching skills.

2. Business English

Degree: Bachelor of Arts 

Duration: 4 years, full-time

Total Credits: 142+4

Core Courses: Comprehensive Business English (Ⅰ, Ⅱ ), Business English Audio-Visual ( Ⅰ, Ⅱ ), Business English Reading ( Ⅰ, Ⅱ ), Business Interpretation, English Speech, Business English Writing, Business Translation, Introduction to English Literature, Principles of Economics, Management.


First-class major at college level.

Language + Business Ability Development. Acquire English language skills and professional knowledge and management skills in international tour guides, international trade and cross-border e-commerce skills.

A practical teaching system that integrates courses and certificates. Deep cooperation with Chengdu Tourism Association and Cross-border E-Commerce Association, combined with English Tour Guide Certificate and International Cambridge Business English Certificate, to enhance students' professional ability.

Associate Programs

1.Applied English, Applied English (Hotel English)

Degree: Diploma 

Duration: 3 years, full-time

Total Credits: 122+3

Core Courses: Comprehensive English, Listening, Writing, Speaking, Reading.


Good employment prospects. High demand for talents in the field of English teaching, education management, and early education.

Language + Industry Competency Development. English language skills combined with knowledge of English education and English teaching skills.

Access to college education, self-study and overseas study (internship) for top-up education and upgrade from junior college student to master-degree education.

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