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Gingko Live Stream with Jobs: Good Job & Good Career
Seizing the right period of employment promotion in Spring and building a broader & high-quality platform, Gingko College has organized a special live stream on March 30.The host of it are teachers from the foreign languagedepartment of Gingko.C. They have tried their best to recommend the 2023 graduates to enterprises and the public.This is on...
31 March 2023   Read More >
Cooperation: Gingko College and Wanda Hotels and Resorts
In order to further implement the employment education project of the Department of Student Affairs in Universities and Colleges of the Ministry of Education, Gingko College signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wanda Hotels and Resorts on March 16th.This contract cooperation is an in-depth practice of school-enterprise cooperation in ...
17 March 2023   Read More >
Gingko College Visited the Consulate General of Korea in Chengdu
With the accelerating process of economic globalization, the internationalization of higher education is an inevitable trend. Since running the school, Gingko College has been keeping close contact with the international education system, and actively exploring the path of education internationalization construction that conforms to the reality of it. I...
13 March 2023   Read More >
Gingko.C was Invited to Participate in the First Chengdu Exhibition Resources Fair
On March 3rd, the first Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Resources Fair, "HI Come & Match", was opened in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center under the guidance of Sichuan Economic Cooperation Bureau, sponsored by Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Service Industry Association and...
27 March 2023   Read More >
Gingko College:The First Lesson of the Semester
In order to ensure the smooth development of the teaching work in the new semester and ensure the steady progress of all kinds of teaching work, the leadership of Ginkgo College led the team to carry out the teaching inspection work, and carried out the "first class of the semester" inspection work in the classroom.Chengdu CampusYibin Campus
27 February 2023   Read More >
Gingko College of Hospitality Management Won “2022 Comprehensive Competitiveness Private Colleges & Universities” Awards
On December 27, the 2022 "Sound China" Education Annual Summit hosted by China Central Radio was held in Beijing.Gingko College of Hospitality Management was awarded the honorary title of "Comprehensive Competitiveness Private Colleges & Universities" in 2022 by CCTV for its fruitful achievements in school char...
27 December 2022   Read More >
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