Security Department

“The most dashing heroes in harm`s way” of Gingko College in 2020

To be the silent guardian angels on campus silently, to wear the black uniforms representing peace and security.

The health QR code, the hand-held infrared thermometer, the registration form, the face recognition system…For epidemic prevention and control, everyone must go through all these necessary procedures before entering Gingko campus, so as to be permitted entry. This is not only a responsibility within the capacity of Gingko College for the society, but also the peace and security for the whole campus offered by this group of Gingko “guardian angels”. 

Looking back at 2020, we can fill our memories of the year with keywords like “uneven”, “extraordinary”, “tough” and so on. However, these Gingko “guardian angels” work hard on their own and shoulder the responsibility silently, which helps one of Gingko`s keywords of the year stand out—“peace”.

1612386385365856.pngOn the epidemic prevention and control of 2020

Stabilizing normality in abnormality

34、11、22、10、100000+…In the era of big data, all these accurate figures have been contributing to the achievements of the Security Department in 2020. A team of 34 people; 11 training and drills on disaster prevention, disaster reduction and disaster relief; 22 inspections (investigations) on the potential fire hazards in key parts of the campus; 10 college meetings and training on security; and the identity verification for over 100,000 visitors to campus…In maintaining the political security of Ginkgo College, the stability of the campus, the teaching, scientific research and orderly life, and protecting the property of the college as well as the life and property of the teachers and the students and other staff members, these “guardian angels” can be seen everywhere. 


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, as the first line of defence for epidemic prevention and control on campus, Gingko Security Department has stood up to the huge pressure. On the basis of strengthening its own protection and ensuring zero infection of all security personnel, Gingko Security Department has actively coordinated with various parties and gained the upper hand in the “two battles”, which are the battle of epidemic prevention and control as well as the battle of ensuring campus security. 

From fulfilling their duties during the winter break in 2020 to strengthening the defense lines during the epidemic in the spring semester; from welcoming the new and old students back to campus in the autumn semester to the emergency deployment for the juncture of the recurrence of the epidemic in Pi County at the end of the year…these tough battles make people see Gingko Security Department step forward at each critical moment.

On daily team work 

Being strict with themselves and improving professional skills

1612386424130291.jpgAt the end of the lunar year 2020, Gingko Security Department performed a set of practical capture techniques with perfect synchronization and powerful movements at the New Year Party to put a satisfactory end for the work of 2020, which is exactly the training routine on weekdays for the members of the Security Department. 


The daily training is methodical; the daily patrol is unshakable despite the bitter cold and scorching heat. Figures in black uniforms can be seen in guarding the school gates, patrolling and monitoring the campus, guarding the important areas, and security for large events. Gingko security personnel are active at the school gates at dawn, in the corridors of the teaching buildings at night, in every drill and every accident.

How can one become a good security guard? Faced with the questions, the director of Gingko Security Department Zhang Lixi gave a definition, which refers to high awareness of vigilance, good service attitude, improved professional skills and strict self-discipline. A good security guard is good at discovery, good at the early warning, and good at dealing with emergencies, attaching importance to trivial matters and ignoring nothing, who is an escort for campus security. 

Military-style management and strict standards make the team continue to refine its development. At present, Ginkgo Security Department forms an efficient working model of “1+3+5”, which is, in case of any emergency, “to be called out in 1 minute, to arrive at the scene in 3 minutes, and to solve the problem in 5 minutes”. Zhang Lixi further explained that since the alarm went off, the security guards must be fully armed in one minute for setting off, arrive at the scene in three minutes, and to understand the development trend of the problem and take the initiative to solve it in five minutes.

In addition, the team’s professional security knowledge and political theory study keep going. Every summer vacation, the Security Department carries out a 7-to-10-day training of security service to help the team improve their professional skills and qualifications. Under this standardized management, whether in the drills on fire prevention, disaster prevention or in real emergencies, the security team can keep the scene orderly.

On the work plan of 2021

A six-character motto guiding the construction of the security team 


Due to its outstanding achievements in 2020, Ginkgo security team has won the 2020 “Special Recognition” Award, which approves the epidemic prevention and control in an abnormal state and the security work of the Security Department last year, and is also an inspiration for the team’s future work to a higher level.

Looking forward to 2021, Zhang Lixi said that the Security Department would revise the “College Emergency Plans” as a start. By referring to the “A List of Security Management Responsibilities”, the Security Department will further sort out and reflect the college’s “shortcomings” in emergency awareness, emergency preparedness, emergency capacity and construction of emergency system and mechanism. Moreover, the training and drills will be enhanced to effectively improve the emergency handling abilities as well as the self-rescue and mutual-rescue capabilities of the faculty and the students and other staff members, which will promote the security work of the college to a new level.

1612386548314863.pngAt the same time, Zhang Lixi also mentioned that for every member of the Gingko security team, words like “implementation, service, image” must be internalized in the heart and externalized in the form, which is to strengthen the implementation, serve sincerely, build a good image, so as to further improve the security and satisfaction of all the teachers and the students. 

Gingko security team, the most dashing “heroes in harm’s way” on campus, will continue to take root in the frontline deeply in 2021, which will silently guard the whole campus in low-key and introverted “figures in black uniforms”.

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