Xu Rui

On November 16, Xu Rui, the alumni of the Department of Tourism Management of Gingko College of Hospitality Management, was invited by the Employment and Entrepreneurship Center to give alumni sharing meeting about chasing dreams for the students of the Department of Tourism Management. In response to epidemic prevention requirements, the salon was held online. However, the cold winter cannot stop the warm welcome of the Gingko students, nor can it stop Xu Rui's warm sharing on the other end of the screen.


Admitted to university

Approaching childhood wishes

Entered the Department of Tourism Management of the College in 2002, and now became a Sichuan Airlines pilot, Xu Rui has been on this ups and downs flight path for 14 years. At the salon, Xu Rui's story slowly unfolded from his childhood.

From a young age, Xu Rui has been obsessed with origami airplanes, earnestly studying folding and flying test skills, repeatedly breaking through the flying limits of paper airplanes. Active attempts have increased the teenager's curiosity and love for the blue sky, and with the advancement of science and technology, the sky is no longer out of reach, the blue sky dream in the boy's heart has never been extinguished, and he has a longing for the future.

The trend of aspirations is far and wide, and there is no limit to the distance between the mountains and the sea. Although he failed to pass the Air Force medical examination due to physical reasons in high school, but Xu Rui did not give up, but study hard and enter the Tourism Management Department of Gingko College. "At that time, I realized that there are some similarities between the tourism profession and flying, that is they can both go to see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, which can liberate the soul and fly freely." With firm belief, Xu Rui opens up another exit to the ideal road by “curve to save the country" in pursuit of life. 

During the four years in college, he was always spurred self-discipline and self-improvement by the blue sky dream buried in his heart. Xu Rui said that in Gingko College, protecting eyesight, exercising, and laying solid professionalism have become his three important tasks during the lush years. "Be fully prepared, and you can only firmly grasp the opportunity when it comes." He is used to planning ahead and looking back on his school life. Xu Rui is grateful for the school's cultivation, for the strict standard education model helps him firmly grasp every minute of growth.


Into the society

Pursuing dreams and ideals of life

After graduation, Xu Rui enter into a bank smoothly. The peaceful life he could see at a glance was caused by accident. Xu Rui recalled that at that time, he suddenly learned that Sichuan Airlines was recruiting pilots, so the flame in his heart was rekindled. "I don't want to give up like this, I am unwilling. Even if my attempt is not appropriate, I won't regret it. I'm still young, but I can still fight!" The decisive activist actively registered for the exam, and passing the physical test, he strengthened his dream of flying.

After that, he quit his job in the bank and got the understanding and support from his parents... Xu Rui took every step steadily and decisively. In 2008, Xu Rui went to Canada alone to learn professional flying skills. In the process of studying, he must overcome language barriers, and focus on professional training living in a foreign country. But Xu Rui expressed his gratitude that the habit of studying assiduously during university has been maintained until after work, so the pace and intensity of studying abroad has not suppressed his self-confidence. With diligence, Xu Rui finally passed the tests successfully, completed his studies with excellent results, and returned to China to become a Sichuan Airlines pilot.

Since he officially participated in the flight in 2012, Xu Rui has been flying for 7,000 hours in total. "The first time I flew in an airplane, I was nervous and didn't dare to look everywhere; after being proficient, I realized that the freedom and joy of seeing the scenery from different perspectives. I can't believe it, I succeeded and realized my childhood dream." Xu Rui said, a young man should have the courage to make dream and chase dream, don't be afraid that time will not wait for you, and don't worry about failure.

Dreams are reflected in the reality. In the face of the students of Tourism Department of Gingko College, Xu Rui expressed encouragement in the “cloud”: “Perhaps you now feel that reality is different from ideals and cannot be achieved in one step. 

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Zhao Junbo

Ginkgo Light | Excellent Alumni Zhao Junbo: Jumping out of the "comfort zone" and determining the direction of progress in the expansion of boundaries

On October 20th, Zhao Junbo, an alumnus of the Department of Leisure Sports Management of our school, was invited back to his alma mater to meet with the students, and held a small salon in the "Simple Café" at the college. In autumn, the slight cool breath swept across the coffee shop, and the latte in the cup exuded warmth. This sharing session was also particularly warm because of Zhao Junbo's generous and unreserved sincere talk.  


University tried many ways

"Five-Year Plan" to help solid learning

In 2011, Zhao Junbo entered the College and studied in the Department of Leisure Sports Management. Similar to most students, when they first enter a university campus, a sense of confusion rushes over their faces. Where is the future development direction? But unlike most students, he has vowed to change his destiny by learning since entering school, and he has been on the path of self-discipline all the time. Through exercise, he controlled the body strictly; through learning, he got the deep cultivation and the utilization of knowledge; through activities, he expanded the boundaries of oneself. After self-exploration and stepping out of the "comfort zone" again and again, Zhao Junbo tried to find the direction of his ideal life through many attempts.

Founding a fitness association, participating in the selection of image ambassadors, and actively organizing group activities...Reminiscing about his time in college, Zhao Junbo smiled and said that he was like a top that couldn't stop, whipping and spinning with ideal whip. Relying on long-term trials, Zhao Junbo's growth rate in college is much faster than others, which also made great preparations for his ability to adapt to the society.

"What I was most grateful for at that time was Ginkgo's serious and rigorous style of study, as well as the importance from the school leaders and teachers to our profession and the cultivation of talents." Zhao Junbo said, influenced by the college motto of "service development, knowledge and action", he has unlimited motivation to take root in the industry and strive to be the leader.


Internship firm goal

"Watch carefully" to find out the development path of the industry

In 2012, a business visiting opportunity organized by the school ignited the bright light in Zhao Junbo's heart. At that time, an industry celebrity he visited, who has strong professionalism and personality charm, influenced and helped him determine his future development direction-the fitness industry. All he wanted to do was to work for this celebrity’s company, and Zhao Junbo's learning autonomy became stronger. "Observe the actions of others a lot and learn from each other's strong points to make up for their shortcomings", Zhao Junbo did not shy away from sharing the secret of his rapid growth.


After graduation, he successfully passed the interview of his favorite company. Zhao Junbo did not forget his original aspiration and was diligent and studious. From the front-line staff to the general manager, he worked steadily all the way, accumulated rich experience in operation and management, and saw the pain points that the industry needs to solve urgently. Undoubtedly, he suffered from difficulties when he first entered the society, and his good ability at summarizing and reflecting made him not subject to difficulties. He took the initiative and cautious tactics to avoid, and became more brave as he fought.


After nine years of ups and downs in the workplace, he has grown from his former employer as a “worker” to the “founder” now. Zhao Junbo, who currently works at Chengdu Aola Guanghuan Fitness Management Co., Ltd. (founder), has successfully completed the transformation of the workplace. He is adhering to a passion, a mission, and a recognition, aiming to gather more high-quality forces in the industry and enhance the public goodwill of the entire industry. This is not just a "little man" dream of getting rich.


Keep the college motto in mind 

"Ginkgo Standards" Light Up New Ideas for Enterprises

Now that he has changed his identity, Zhao Junbo is in the air, thinking about longer-term development. Facing a blue ocean in the fitness industry, he is methodical and well-informed, and still retains the habit that he has cultivated in college-formulating a "five-year plan" to lead the company's future direction forward-looking.


Speaking of the influence of Ginkgo on himself, Zhao Junbo repeatedly mentioned his teacher Zhang Demin. He recalled that his teacher always treated students with high standards and strict requirements. "Mr. Zhang's meticulous work is memorable." Zhao Junbo took the fitness class as an example. "After class, Mr. Zhang asked us to arrange the dumbbells and barbells from large to small. Although it is only a small detail, we can also see the Ginkgo Standards are everywhere."

Of course, standardization was also taken to the workplace by Zhao Junbo. From the store visual presentation, in-store service to employee training, the work was carried out based on the principle of standardization, striving to be the industry leader. For employees, Zhao Junbo teaches seriously and values the overall development of comprehensive quality; for customers, he leads by example, respects each other and wins the respect of others. It has become Zhao Junbo's vision to memorize the college motto of Ginkgo, "service development, knowledge and action", and to introduce the "Ginkgo Standard" into the industry standard.

After returning to his alma mater this time, he learned that the leisure sports management department is booming. From dozens of people at the beginning to hundreds of people, Zhao Junbo has a lot of emotion. He said that generations of leisure students started their careers after graduation, used their professional strength to gain recognition, wrote their own stories, and also wrote Ginkgo's future. "I look forward to meeting more outstanding Ginkgo people in the workplace, and we work hard together to inherit the spirit of Ginkgo." Zhao Junbo said.

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Fu Xianwei

The Star of Gingko College

——Fu Xianwei: who takes root in the first line of service to build “originality” with16 years of persistence.

Fu Xianwei, graduated from the Department of Hotel Management of Gingko College of Hospitality Management in 2006, a Hotel Management major admitted in 2003, now is working as Concierge Manager and Chief Concierge of Shangri-La Hotel in Chengdu. In 2013, he became a member of Golden Keys China. In 2016, he was awarded membership of Union International Concierge Organization, which symbolizes infinite honor and high affirmation. In 2017, he served as the Executive Committee of Golden Keys China in Sichuan. In 2019, he was the Chief Representative of Golden Keys China in Chengdu. In his 16 years of hotel career, he has grown from an ordinary intern to a department manager and from a “rookie” in the concierge department to the Executive Committee of Golden Keys China in Sichuan. With the right to recommend and assess Golden Keys, he has made his own career in the professional field.


On June 22, at the rehearsal scene of the 2021 graduation ceremony, the summer sunlight sprinkled a wisp of golden light from the gap between the doors and windows of the multi-function hall. With a straight figure, a business suit and shiny shoes, Fu Xianwei, who was invited back to his Alma mater to speak as a representative of outstanding alumni, began to accept the interview as soon as he stepped down from the stage. From his eloquence, the story of struggling and inspiring alumni unfolded.

Interest-oriented Development 

Stay true to yourself

“Why did you choose Gingko College and hotel management major?” When asked why he chose the college and the major, Fu Xianwei made no secret of his pride in his alma mater and said “I was one of those children whose academic performance was not so outstanding since childhood. I entered a higher vocational college in Yibin and majored in the hotel when I was in high school. However, my parents supported me very much, and three years of higher vocational study made me find my own interests and specialties, and have a clear understanding of my professional consciousness. After graduating from technical secondary school, I chose to major in hotel management at Gingko College without any hesitation, and I do not regret my choice till today.” At that time, Fu Xianwei had no idea what his future would look like.


With a passion for hotel management, Fu Xianwei opened an indissoluble bond with Gingko College. After entering the college, Fu Xianwei focused on consolidating his professional foundation, as well as on both theory and practice of hotel courses. The three years spent by Fu Xianwei were busy and fulfilling. In his junior year, as other students in the class, he went to a hotel as an intern. “The job was in line with my major, and the pay was not bad,” he said with a smile, referring to the reason for his hotel internship. Looking back on his study at Gingko College, Fu Xianwei is grateful that he has met good teachers. “They not only taught me a lot of theoretical knowledge but also cultivated our professionalism of being serious, tolerant, dedicated and persistent, which is also the embodiment and extension of ‘Ginkgo Spirit’.”

Inspired by striving in the workplace 

Firmly cast originality

Before graduation, Fu Xianwei chose to work as an intern in the concierge department of Kempinski Hotel. As a new intern, Fu Xianwei clearly knew his position and was fully prepared to start as a rookie. “Endure hardship, have an open mind, pick it up, and put it down” is Fu Xianwei’s philosophy of life. As was expected, his hard work finally paid off. Fu Xianwei smoothly passed the probation period and became a regular staff member of the Concierge Department of Kempinski Hotel.


Grasping every opportunity and steadily walking every step of life, Fu Xianwei had some fluctuations in his heart when he heard the news of the opening of the Shangri-La Hotel in Chengdu. After a brief struggle, Fu Xianwei officially entered Shangri-La Hotel in Chengdu, which was the beginning of the real grasp of his life.


Entering Shangri-La Hotel in Chengdu, Fu Xianwei did not slack off because of his previous experience in Concierge Department. On the contrary, with his hard work and professional knowledge, it only took him three years to work steadily from an intern to a regular employee and then to a department head.




During his work, Fu Xianwei served as the private butler of Russian Vice Premier, German President, President of Jardine Matheson, Prime Minister of Congo, Japanese Prime Minister and other dignitaries and national political leaders. He also served as the private butler of Jack Ma who is the Alibaba Group founder, basketball superstar Stephen Curry who has won NBA champion three times, pianist Lang Lang and many other celebrities and stars, who is even lovingly termed as “The Best Trip Advisor” by guests. He also cultivated three “golden keys” in just a few years. Fu Xianwei has always been on the way to provide golden key service with craftsmanship spirit and make service become real core competitiveness.

The motto of Gingko College is the criterion of cultivating people

Never forget why you started

Like millions of Gingko students, Fu Xianwei is deeply impressed by the motto of Gingko College. In his opinion, “Cultivating Service Awareness, Learning by Practicing” is the best interpretation of Gingko College. During 16 years of his hotel career, Fu Xianwei had his moments of confusion and thought about giving up. “But when I meet customers who thank me for my service, my adherence to the principles encourages progress, and my sincere attitude always creates miracles. Standing in the hotel industry, we need long-term passion and persistence, to abide by the standards with constant enthusiasm, and to draw close to people with sincerity. This is the secret formula of my work and the wealth that the Ginkgo Spirit has brought me.” Fu Xianwei’s words and deeds sparkle with joy, satisfaction and happiness.


“As a student of Ginkgo College, I will abide by the Ginkgo Spirit, adhere to the standards of Ginkgo, apply what I have learned into practice, keep improving, continue to take root in the golden key service, and deliver the golden key service to various industries all over the world.” Fu Xianwei has been consistent in the past 16 years, and the same is true in the future.


At the graduation ceremony, Fu Xianwei also gave encouragement and expectation to the students on campus: “I hope you guys can feel the beauty of life, study and work by heart, pursue your dream with enthusiasm and persistence, pursue excellence, create miracles, and write your own “Gingko Story” on the broad stage of life in the future!”


“Cultivating Service Awareness, Learning by Practicing” is the spiritual brand and professional cornerstone of Gingko students from generation to generation. We hope that our students, like alumni, will take a down-to-earth attitude, combine knowledge with practice, stick to ordinary posts, stretch their sights to the world, and experience the happiness of life while adhering to why they start.

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Huang Weiqiang

A Gingko Graduate Huang Weiqiang─ “Try more·Position yourself accurately”

On April 11th, a sharing meeting by an alumnus of the Tourism Management Department entitled “How to Realize Self-worth during Internship” was held as scheduled in Room A1119 on campus. The keynote speaker was Huang Weiqiang, an outstanding undergraduate alumnus of the Tourism Management Department who graduated in 2015. Currently, he is the founder of Moment Tree Travel and Business Vehicle Team, the general manager of Moment Tree International Travel Agency Chengdu Co., Ltd., the general manager of Moment Tree (Chengdu) Outdoor Co., Ltd., and the executive director of Chengdu Liu Liu Le Hotel Management Co., Ltd.


In the lecture, by sharing his internship experience after graduation from the college with the students on campus, and introducing the current employment situation as well as the methods of overcoming fear in the workplace, Huang Weijiang won the applause and recognition of the students from Tourism Management Department at the scene, with his professional attitude and humorous speaking style.

Graduating from Tourism Management Department, he discovered and improved himself in practice time and time again, and found the most suitable position for himself. Now, he returns to his alma mater with a lot of “quality stuff”. Bypassing on his experience, he encourages and supports the student on campus to pursue their dreams bravely.

Learn to position yourself

Take the first step bravely 


Huang Weiqiang’s “growing path” is not always easy. When he just began to work, he also had the same confused period. Huang Weiqiang said, everyone experiences confusion in his youth. During the period filled with confusion, one can position himself by daring to try. “In my senior year, I did a lot of work, such as internship planning, sales, developing direct customers, tour guides and so on,” said Huang Weiqiang. After trying to get in touch with different kinds of work, he gradually made clear his direction through adjusting himself to each job and self-summary. In the first year after graduation, Huang Weiqiang managed to find his first real job which suited him best. 

In the Q&A session, Huang Weiqiang asked the students a question: “How many people know what they want to do in the future?” Most students were unable to answer this question. Immediately, Huang Weiqiang put forward a viewpoint that “The first job is very important.”. Then, how should one choose the job which suits him best?

After encouraging the students of Gingko College to think, then, Huang Weiqiang put forward three important words on this issue: positioning, analysis, choice. First of all, position your personality, interests and abilities, so as to judge what kind of jobs are suitable for you. Secondly, analyze self-ability, industry prospect and market capacity, and select more promising industries in suitable jobs. Finally, choose the most suitable job among these occupations.

According to Huang Weiqiang, the right choice in the first job can not only save us from taking many “detours” ,but also give us more time to improve our ability and make us better.

Learn to position yourself accurately 

Properly break away from the workplace


When Huang Weiqiang talked with us about the workplace, he shared several “tricks” at the workplace in a humorous way, which are also the summary of his continuous work experience. First, in the face of colleagues, you don’t need to compromise on everything. You need to recognize whether the relationship between the other party and yourself have reached the stage of friends, and you can get along well with each other. Unnecessary communication can be avoided. After all, the number of friends doesn’t matter, but the quality of friends matters. Second, in the face of superiors, you don’t need to flatter them all the time. Leaders value ability rather than compliment. Constantly improving yourself is more useful than flashy stuff. Third, in the face of customers, you should achieve well-balanced tension and relaxation, avoid extremes that are dangerous, and learn to leave wiggle room for the other party.

Huang Weifang’s humorous words touched every Gingko student present. Facing the students on campus, Huang Weifang gave his own suggestions and wishes. He said: “Don’t think you are very ordinary. If you can do a good job in every ordinary thing, you are extraordinary. Do what you believe, which will make you shine. I wish every student of Gingko College can find his or her favourite job. I wish you a bright future. I am waiting for you in the future!”

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