Liu Jia : Serving the community to make a better ME

On July 20th, the torch relay of the 31st World University Summer Games started in Chengdu. Liu Jia, an excellent alumni of the Department of Business Administration of Gingko College of Hospitaility Management in 2008, participated in the torch relay as the 83rd torchbearer. She impressed us with her high spirits in the torch relay.

After graduation to work, Liu Jia has won the "national women's achievements pacesetter", Sichuan Province "March 8 Red flag", poverty alleviation "five one" advanced individuals and other honors, and has been interviewed by media at all levels for many times because of her outstanding work.  So, how did Liu Jia come to the present achievement step by step?


I can't hide my excitement at being invited to be a torch bearer.

When it comes to the torchbearer, the enthusiastic and cheerful Liu Jia gushed, and she recalled the situation when she received the phone call from the organizing committee.  On May 8, 2023, the Youth League Committee of Jianyang City recommended Liu Jia to the Universiade Organizing Committee as a torchbearer for the Universiade, but the entire Youth League Committee recommended only one person, which certainly made Liu Jia grateful and excited.

However, the fretting wait of more than two months was not easy.  On the one hand, Liu Jia is not sure whether he can be selected.  From excitement to doubt, Liu Jia spends every day in the torment of waiting;  On the one hand, Liu Jia got up at 5 o 'clock every morning and rode a 10km bicycle to exercise his body and prepare for the torchbearer.

Finally, at the moment of receiving the phone call from the organizing committee on July 18, Liu Jia breathed a complete sigh of relief, indicating that he had officially become the 83rd torchbearer of the torch relay.


On the day of the torch relay, on the tens of meters relay road at the scene, Liu Jia received the torch from the hand of the vice president of our school, Zha Shijun, the moment he was nervous and excited.  As an outstanding alumnus of Ginkgo and an outstanding worker recognized by the society, Liu Jia touched the sacred torch for the first time, and felt the heavy responsibility on his shoulders.  Restraining his inner excitement, Liu Jia waved to the students on both sides while running, with a smile on his face all the time, and ran to the hand over the baton.  In Liu Jia's words, although only a few tens of meters, but this road is a road of glory, but also a symbol of their new starting point.

After completing the torch relay, Liu Jia returned to Jianyang with this honor, and relatives and friends around him rushed to take photos.  The torch held in his hand, the sports clothes of the organizing committee, the work plate and other related items of the Universiade were all brought back to the collection of Liu Jia, this exclusive memory is very unforgettable.

Take work seriously and be a practical man

In 2005, Liu Jia entered Ginkgo, majoring in marketing.  During the study period, Liu Jia cherished the university time and studied professional knowledge seriously.  Although he did not engage in related majors after graduation, Liu Jia said that the knowledge he learned in university was like some treasures at the bottom of the pressure box.  After work and life, he could immediately turn the knowledge out and use it.

Liu Jia remembers the teacher who taught him real estate and law knowledge at that time, and the knowledge he learned was brought to his future work.  Liu Jia's words repeatedly mentioned, full of gratitude.

After graduation, Liu Jia chose to return to his hometown Jianyang to serve in the front line.  From taking up the burden of poverty alleviation in the countryside to urban governance work, Liu Jia is down-to-earth to face the needs of the masses and solve the difficulties of the masses regardless of the work.


If you want to ask what the autumn fruit is tired, the spring wind and rain are drizzling.  In 2021, as deputy leader of Jianyang Comprehensive Administrative law enforcement Brigade, Liu Jia won the title of "National Women's achievements Pacesetter".  As the first secretary of the village, Liu Jia takes the village as his home, walks on the road of poverty alleviation, and becomes the "woman man" who the villagers refuse to leave.  Back to the unit, Liu Jia to take up the responsibility of urban governance, to create health inspection, stick to the post;  With the advent of the new coronavirus, she ensured logistics and sent epidemic prevention supplies to front-line law enforcement personnel.  In daily life and work, she helps employees solve difficulties, helps the lost elderly go home, helps the next building to put out the fire...



Since the beginning of study, Liu Jia has always remembered the school motto of "service to develop knowledge and action", abides by the teacher's earnest instruction, with a pair of clear and deep black eyes, a crisp voice, a sincere and kind heart, and constantly make contributions to the society.  Liu Jia said that while studying at Ginkgo, he worked hard to learn professional knowledge and skills, only to achieve a better self;  After entering the work, I become a better person to work hard, serve the society, and create value.  Similarly, the results of work and social feedback also make me a better person.

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Jiang Yaoyu:

Learn & Dare & Realize

——On the Road to Entrepreneurship, I Learn to Dream, Dare to Dream, and Finally Realize the Dream.

Recently, jiang Yaoyu, an alumnus of the Department of Tourism Management of 2002, was invited back to his Alma mater by the alumni Association of our college and held an alumni sharing meeting about entrepreneurship and employment for students in Simple Coffee.


Entering Gingko college  

Learn how to adapt new environment

In 2002, Jiang Yaoyu enrolled in the department of Tourism Management of our college.  When other peers were still fresh and ignorant, Jiang Yaoyu knew his own interests and hobbies, and made plans and committed himself to achieving his goals. 

With a clear goal in mind, he made many friends during his study at Ginkgo college and always put his study first. By consulting people in different fields around him, his knowledge in all aspects improved by leaps and bounds. Another way for Jiang to acquire knowledge was reading.  The habit of reading that he has kept since college continues to this day. Reading and making friends helped Jiang Yaoyu to open up a wider cognitive world and made him marvel that the world was so big that he should dare to fight without fear of losing. 

The increase of knowledge helps his study soar. Jiang Yaoyu did not join any associations or departments at school, he devoted himself to his studies. Through the teaching mode of Industry and Education, Jiang Yaoyu found that his major had more possibilities to explore. He kept "opening his imagination" and looking for opportunities, instead of wasting his college days.


Starting own business  

Always be diligent and thoughtful  

Diligent in thinking and unwilling to be dull, Jiang Yaoyu resigned from the position of vice president of marketing in an Internet medical company and embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Now, through patient exploration, Jiang Yaoyu has become the founder of Sichuan She Ji Er Shang Catering Management Co., LTD. Behind this great success, Jiang Yaoyu has worked hard for nearly 15 years. As a mature entrepreneur nearly 40 years old, the story of how Jiang Yaoyu and the catering industry forged indissoluble bond was known to all. 

At first, Jiang wanted to make chicken intestines. Chicken intestines are a childhood memory for many people. They are crispy and sweet and come in a variety of flavors on the market.  "We live in Sichuan, and people in Sichuan love to eat and have unique tastes, so I immediately thought of the things we've all eaten."  Jiang Yaoyu said he decided to make some creative dishes and in this way to make them bigger and stronger.  

"I’m a fan of homophonic puns, so my brand is closely related to homophonic puns. The first brand was called “Xiao Du Ji Chang”, so everyone thought my last name was Du."  Jiang Yaoyu joked with a smile. 

“A well-managed brand culture can make products at a premium and cultivate high-quality customers in private domain.” Years of entrepreneurial experience let Jiang Yaoyu talk freely at the sharing meeting. He said the secrets for the growth of Jiang Yaoyu's brand all the way are an impressive brand name, distinctive products and doing what accurate target customers like.


Being disciplined  

Knowledge reserve helps him to upgrade the road of entrepreneurship  

I like to read, and I like to share the good books I have read with others. Jiang Yaoyu has recommended the book "A Day in the Life of the Brain" to people around him more than once. The book mainly tells what happens in our brains when we taste food, walk, work, and dream. He hopes that through this book, employees can think more and make good use of their brains.

Jiang Yaoyu is grateful for his college experience in Ginkgo, he said: "It is precisely because of my study and reading in Ginkgo that I have strengthened my thinking ability, that I have been able to work steadily and thoughtfully on the way to start a business, avoiding many mistakes in major decisions".

Due to the repeated pandemic, some caterings have been affected, but Jiang Yaoyu and the team overcome the difficulties together. He also hopes to strengthen the cohesion of the core team through this difficulty. "Reading habits will really help you, because the cognitive structure determines the way you think, and even determines your height." Jiang Yaoyu admitted that many difficult times were accompanied by the knowledge reserves he once had.

Jiang Yaoyu hopes that Ginkgo students can cherish the time in college, cherish the most splendid years in their lives, dream and make dreams at the age when they can realize their dreams the most.

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People: Outstanding Alumni Deng Lixia

Welcome all students to listen to this edition of "Senior Sister has something to say" text radio interview show, we are honored to invite the 2003 tourism and hotel management alumni Deng Lixia, the current Ruisheng Group Hotel Industry Center Rui Hotel General Manager, Ruisheng International Center Project General Manager, come to listen to the sister to the upcoming graduation of our And is in the confusion stage of the small partners have what valuable advice it!


1、May I ask you are now engaged in the profession is your dream?

A: My personal understanding of the dream is closer to "doing a line of work and loving a line of work". First of all, dreams may be different for each person at different stages of life. In the process of growing and learning, we will have a more ambitious dream, but if we do not persist in learning, working and self-improvement, we may not be able to realize our dream in our lifetime. I myself learned through my profession and gradually had a clear understanding of my life goal after I entered the society, but it was not easy to achieve this goal. I divide my dream into career heights that I need to reach in every three years or every five years, and always keep my enthusiasm to accomplish these milestones with diligence, persistence and hard work to finally realize my dream.


2、What is your motivation to persevere in the hospitality industry? Does it come from the material or the spiritual?

A: Getting recognition from all walks of life in my work is the motivation that I have been persisting. Externally it is from customer satisfaction, internally it is from the recognition of the company and colleagues, these make me always hold the original intention and enthusiasm for the work. When work achieves certain achievements, both my own economic conditions and spiritual needs will be enhanced and satisfied. But harvesting recognition, changing economic income, and satisfying spiritual needs, etc., require continuous efforts. This is a cycle, put in the effort to reap the recognition, which becomes your motivation to persist.

3、What did your studies during school help you in your career?

A: Since high school, I have been exposed to hotel management related knowledge; after entering the university campus, I have significantly improved my theoretical knowledge level and professional service skills. During the study of hotel management, the school consolidated the systematic theoretical knowledge through the combination of practice and teaching; at the same time, I also had the opportunity to practice in the industry through practical training and other stage courses, which consolidated the professional service skills. Over the past ten years in the hotel industry, I have been transferred from the catering department to the front office department, and then to various departments such as human resources, marketing and sales, etc. The process of moving forward step by step is inseparable from the education and training of each future hotelier by my alma mater. In 2015, Chengdu Ruisheng-Bafulli Hotel officially became the flipped teaching hotel of the hotel management department of my alma mater, and I hope everyone can come to the hotel to experience it and practice the school motto of "service cultivation, knowledge and action".


4、Can you give some advice to the students?

A: I hope Ginkgo students will try their best to study and improve themselves both inside and outside the classroom. They should urge themselves to keep moving forward and move firmly towards their goals and ideals. Both boys and girls must be independent, and after achieving economic independence and character independence, they should think about starting a family on the basis of career stability, which is especially important for girls. At the same time, you should also diversify your abilities as much as possible, you can use the holidays to do some part-time jobs across industries, or learn cross-disciplinary knowledge, to broaden their knowledge and ability to cover.

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Ginkgo Alumni Lecture-How to Enjoy Your Work

On May 24, Shen Yanlan, Learning and Development Manager of Hilton Chengdu Chenghua, also the alumnus of the Department of Hotel Management shared her career development experience as a professional hotelier with the students from Department of Hotel Management and Tourism Management.

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This lecture centered on "how to enjoy your work" and "career development in the hotel industry in the post-pandemic era".

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