Gingko·Standard Teaching Hotel
Gingko·Standard Teaching Hotel

Gingko·Standard Teaching Hotel---- the hotel of teaching, from teaching and for teaching.

After fully learning the advanced experience of global hotel management education practice teaching system, 2019 witnessed the building and operation, by Gingko College of Hospitality Management, of three first-class international teaching hotels -- “Ginkgo·Standard”Hotel in its Yibin new campus, which covers an area of nearly 600 mu. At the same time, other auxiliary teaching facilities in the campus including multi-functional experimental training center of smart hotel, teaching restaurant, teachers and students' apartment, administrative building, sports venues, etc., were also put into use.

The uniqueness of Ginkgo· Standard Teaching Hotel

The teaching hotel belongs to the college and is built because of teaching needs.

Serving six disciplines of eight departments of Gingko College, “Ginkgo·standard” teaching hotel is a practice & training site for more than 12000 students and the public who are interested in working in the hotel and related industries to carry out professional penetration and discipline integration in the hotel and related fields.

The teaching hotel plays the main role of teaching.

From the general manager to the department head, teaching is their primary responsibility. Running the hotel well is to provide students with real practice and work scenes. The college fully controls the teaching content and quality.

The teaching hotel is part of the campus and is for teaching purpose.

The faculty teams of the two campuses jointly develop course content, undertake teaching tasks and learn from each other. In the teaching team, there are not only university professors from the Chengdu campus, who are good at clarifying the knowledge principles and disciplines of hotel business development (knowing why), but there are also industry elites in teaching hotels with many years of experience in international brand hotels who can share with students the best practices at work (knowing how) and guide students to explore how to do better, develop students' perfect knowledge system, solid practical skills, and a sense of recognition and pride in the industry.

“Ginkgo·Standard”Hotel is committed to becoming a leading college and a talent highland for modern service industries, including the hotel industry, to support the industrial and regional development. Boasting internationalized strategic vision, differentiated hotel types, all-round functional support, and diversified faculty structure, the teaching hotel will inevitably lead to multiple types of standard procedures, multiple levels of teaching contents, multiple systems of teaching models, versatile managerial talents, localization of international standards and internationalization of Chinese standards.

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