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Chinese Language of Gingko College in Thailand

Source:Gingko College    Time:2024-03-26 20:39:04

Five student representatives from the School of Foreign Languages at Gingko College of Hospitality Management have recently returned from Chiang Mai and Lamphun provinces in Thailand. They completed a three-month teaching practice of Chinese as a foreign language in five primary and secondary schools, including Princess Sirindhorn School and Brila Primary School in Thailand.

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Their mission was to promote Chinese culture and connect with people across borders.

The journey for students to pursue their dreams is an opportunity for professional enhancement and growth. Student Chen Peishuang stated in an interview, 'When I first arrived in Thailand, I had to adapt to a different environment and learn to communicate effectively.' Looking back, we grew up without even realizing it, by constantly solving problems despite the discomforts.

The mission of youth is to promote the Chinese language and culture.

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Students use their school education to improve their teaching skills for foreigners. Wei Xingfang, a student, was nervous when she first started teaching. Teaching Chinese to young people overseas who have no prior knowledge of the language is both a challenge and an opportunity to promote Chinese language education. Language is a bridge for cultural exchange. Chinese culture is profound, and Chinese characters have been passed down for thousands of years. For this art of teaching and learning, it is still necessary to accumulate experience from classroom teaching, improve teaching methods and understand the cultural background of students. We hope that through teaching and learning, we can promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture and build a bridge of friendly exchanges between the two peoples.


Full of love in Thailand, painting a picture of educating people together.

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The Ginkgo students' dedication to teaching Chinese makes the Thai students' interest in learning Chinese always high, which motivates the students to teach; the friendly words, kind smiles, warm greetings and hospitality of the Thai principals and teachers also make them feel immensely warm. Chen Peishuang, a student, said, "The enthusiasm here will continue, and I believe I can also sow the seeds of traditional Chinese culture here with enthusiasm so that the colourful flower of Chinese language education will bear fruit".

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Growth has no boundaries, education has no boundaries, and to spread and promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture, we need to be physically active. Gingko College of Hospitality Management is reportedly carrying out the second phase of the Chinese language teaching practice (offline) programme. It will continue its programme of teaching Chinese as a foreign language in the future. This will help more students to strengthen their cultural confidence and learn about Chinese culture.

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