Ginkgo College of Hospitality Management Was Approved as A New Master's Degree Awarding Project Construction Unit in Sichuan Province

Source:Gingko College    Time:2024-01-05 09:02:16

Recently, Sichuan Provincial People's Government Degree Committee issued the Notice of Sichuan Provincial People's Government Degree Committee Announcing the List of new doctoral and Master's degree-granting units for project construction (Sichuan Degree [2023] No. 4): It was decided to include Gingko College in the list of new Master's degree-granting units for project construction in Sichuan Province.


Ginkgo College was approved as a new master's degree awarding project construction unit in Sichuan Province, which is an important achievement of the school's deepening education and teaching reform promoting the development of connotation, and a new milestone in the history of the school's education. It will help strengthen the construction of a first-class applied university with distinctive characteristics, improve the level of running a school, enhance core competitiveness, and promote high-quality development. It is of great significance to better serve the major national strategies and industrial and regional development.


Ginkgo College will be in accordance with the national "Basic Conditions for Degree Authorization Examination and Application", earnestly do a good job in discipline construction planning, further refine the construction plan, strengthen the construction of standards, and effectively improve the level of project construction, and always keep in mind the original intention of building the school into the best hotel management school in China, bearing in mind the mission of "responsible for students, is responsible for the future". Continue to promote the integration of production and education, innovate the personnel training model, consolidate the discipline foundation, personnel foundation, system foundation and scale foundation, increase the construction efforts, adhere to high standards, high quality and high efficiency to promote project construction, and lead the university to make new breakthroughs and achievements in discipline construction, teaching staff, education and teaching, scientific research, personnel training and social services. We will strive for early approval of new master's degree-granting units, and strive to achieve a new leap in the school level as soon as possible, so as to send more composite applied high-level management talents to the society, and contribute Ginkgo power to local economic and social construction and development.


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