Gingko College Won the award of "Outstanding Talents Training Institute in Tourism Service Industry" Again

Source:Gingko College    Time:2022-11-14 15:43:19

By virtue of its outstanding achievements in the aspects of industry-university integration training program, professional curriculum reform and innovation, school-enterprise teaching and research interaction, and professional teaching and training quality, Gingko College stood out from many other universities and won the award of "Excellent Talent Training University of Tourism Service Industry 2022". As one of the annual glorious events of the tourism service industry, this summit, with the theme of "Industry Feast, Talk about the Future", invited industry elites, experts, scholars and business representatives to discuss industry trends, seek high-quality reform, discuss innovation paths, and contribute resources and strength to promote the high-quality development of the domestic tourism service industry. The White Paper on Human Resources of China Tourism Service Industry 2022 and the Report on Professional Talent Cultivation of China Hotel Industry 2022 were released at the conference, which explained the future industry trends from the perspective of human resources development, revealed that reducing cost and increasing efficiency is the inevitable strategic layout of enterprise development, and pointed out that talent is the fundamental guarantee and driving force for industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality development.


It is reported that "Outstanding Talent Training School Award" is an authoritative award in the tourism service industry. Through collecting professional opinions and votes from senior industry experts, the public, enterprises, media and other professional opinions, on the premise of promoting the healthy development of human resources in the tourism service industry, the participants are comprehensively examined in a multi-dimensional way, and the benchmark hotel management schools are selected. It provides authoritative reference direction for the refinement, digitalization and sustainable development of China's tourism service industry. Since its establishment, Gingko College has innovated the integration of multiple disciplines, adhered to the internationalization strategy, and trained hotel management talents to meet the needs of the future industry based on the core competence of the post. This is the second time that Gingko College won this award after 2017 and 2020, which means that the talent training work has been unanimously recognized by the industry. Taking this opportunity, it will continue to train outstanding talents for the cultural and travel industry and make due contributions to the long-term development of the industry.

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