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Based on the development of service industry and local economy, Gingko College adheres to the road of connotative development, actively adapts to the needs of social and economic development, facing the traditional advantage industry of hotel tourism in Sichuan Province and the five emerging leading service industries, in order to improve the concept of discipline construction and professional development, and take stabilizing the number of disciplines and optimizing the structure of disciplines and majors as the guidance. After continuous construction in recent years, the college's existing disciplines have been improved. There are 6 disciplines, 25 undergraduate majors and 24 junior majors (including 2 provincial-level first-class majors, 4 provincial-level quality engineering project construction majors, 4 provincial-level key characteristic majors, and 6 application-oriented demonstration major construction projects in local general universities in Sichuan Province). A relatively complete undergraduate training system has been formed, which mainly focuses on management and integrates five university disciplines, including art, literature, education, engineering and economics.

At the same time, Gingko College closely adheres to the strategic development needs of the culture and tourism industry of the country and Sichuan Province, focuses on the culture and tourism industry chain, and creates an applied professional cluster. It comprehensively promotes the comprehensive reform of undergraduate education, and scientifically constructs and lays out the professional structure system. Gingko College actively adapts to the changes of science and technology and industry, meets the needs of social and economic development, and scientifically carries out discipline and professional planning according to the talent needs of regional, national and even international modern culture and tourism industry, especially the development of hotel industry, so as to form a discipline and professional system with reasonable structure, distinctive characteristics and excellent quality. The College actively carries out the transformation and upgrading of traditional majors, deepens the comprehensive reform of majors, and optimizes the talent training mode.


The College takes advantage of the industry positioning to promote the integrated development of majors, actively docking with the Hotel and Tourism Industry, English, E-commerce and other six majors, combined with their own positioning and characteristics, to set up tourism and hotel professional orientation module, in order to meet the needs of new technology and new format talents in the industry through cross professional elective courses. Meanwhile, the College will meet the individual needs of students and achieve diversified teaching objectives.

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