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Program Overview

Our program’s talent cultivation is based on the strategic thinking of "Health China", highlighting the talent training concept of "competence-based, business-led, school-enterprise integration, and course certification integration". Through order-based training, event hosting and cooperation, vocational skills training, society services, and international project exchanges, we have gradually formed a specialized training model with employment as the goal and market as the guide, and actively connected with the cutting-edge physical education concept, and implemented the public sports club system to promote the development of "lifelong sports" awareness among teachers and students. 

Nearly 50 off campus practice bases have been established, and "customized classes for enterprises" have been set up to realize the deep integration of "theories andpractices", and the steady improvement of " vocational ability" of students.

Program Recognition

One of the first universities in Sichuan Province to establish the program of leisure sports; The first-class undergraduate program in Sichuan Province.

Practice school-enterprise education model to cultivate sports professionals with strong skills, good service, good communication and management abilities.

The first-class physical education teaching facilities in the province, with the "Sichuan University Tennis Tournament" hosted for two consecutive years.

19 student sports teams, with 207 awards in provincial and national competitions.


There are 62 teachers, including 5 professors, 16 associate professors, 23 lecturers and 6 PhDs. 

Career Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in leisure sports, sports education and other management, training in leisure sports clubs, training institutions, high-end star hotel recreations department, scenic spots, schools and other enterprises and institutions. 

They can also engage in teaching, training, scientific research and management of physical training professions in the competitive sports industry, public health field, and special populations (industry).

Undergraduate Programs

1. Leisure Sports

Degree: Bachelor of Education

Duration: 4 years, full-time

Total Credits: 142+4

Core Courses: Introduction to Recreational Sports, Operation and Management of Sports Clubs, Introduction to Sports Tourism, Sports Anatomy, Sports Physiology, Sports Medicine, Resistance Fixed Equipment Training (1), Resistance Fixed Equipment Training (2), Functional Training, Tennis Special Techniques, Tennis Integrated Techniques, Tennis Technical and Tactical Applications, Badminton Special Techniques, Badminton Integrated Techniques, Badminton Technical and Tactical Applications.


First-class undergraduate majors in Sichuan Province.

The first batch of application-oriented demonstration majors in Sichuan Province.

Key specialty of independent colleges in Sichuan Province.

On-campus labs + off-campus practice bases, with " cutting-edge industry knowledge + professional skills + core competitiveness".

Orientation training, joint school-enterprise education, to equip students with outstanding potential for future career development.

2. Physical Training

Degree: Bachelor of Education

Duration: 4 years, full-time

Total Credits: 142+4

Core Courses: Sports anatomy, sports physiology, sports training, sports skill learning and control, sports medicine, physical fitness measurement and evaluation, strength training methods and practices, speed training methods and practices, endurance training methods and practices, agility and flexibility training methods and practices, balance and stability training methods and practices.


The "3+1" talent training model, with 3 years of college study and 1 year of internship and training at the children's fitness center and other high-level internship bases.

Implementation of a practical teaching system to enhance students’ employment

A huge demand for sports teaching talents with national focus on children's physical exercises, such as physical trainers for professional teams, physical trainers for secondary school examinations, and physical fitness coaches for children.

Associate Programs

1. Societal Sports (Fitness Sports, Tennis and Badminton Sports, Children's Sports Education)

Degree: Diploma 

Duration: 3 years, full-time

Total Credits: 122+3

Core Courses:National physical fitness monitoring and evaluation, basketball, sports club management, event organization and planning, soccer, volleyball; resistance fixed equipment training, strength training principles and methods.


With ability training as the core, highlighting the integration between courses and industry requirements.Cultivate students' good communication skills, and service consciousness by taking high-end service industry as the standard.

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