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72 Hours of Non-Stop Live Streaming! Gingko's 20th Anniversary Is a Miracle!

Source:Gingko College    Time:2022-06-21 16:33:04

This 72-hour non-stop live streaming of university celebration is the first of its kind in Sichuan and even in whole state!


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"Return" to your Alma mater online to taste the delicious food, visit the campus, and watch a grand ceremony... Yes, this is the "cloud anniversary" prepared by Gingko College of Hospitality Management for teachers, students, alumni and society.

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This year's anniversary, although we could not meet on campus, the blessing were passed on thousands of miles away. With the great support of the college and the active participation of all the teachers and students, the 20th anniversary of the "Cloud Celebration-72 Hours On Live" activity of Gingko College came to a perfect end!

Planing to build a platform for "Cloud Celebration-72 Hours On Live"


In accordance to the requirements of pandemic prevention, Gingko College launched the online celebration. It had to not only ensure the three-day live streaming went smoothly and interference-free, but also maximize the attention to a wide range.

With the joint efforts of all students and faculties, the "Cloud Celebration - 72 Hours On Live" officially kicked off at 00:00 on May 18. Other media such as Xinhua News, CRI online, China News, and Sichuan News were also report the online celebration.

Thanks to the great efforts of all Gingkoers, they carried out the College Motto of "Cultivating Service Awareness, Learning by Practicing" with their actions.

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Various activities to celebrate Gingko's birthday online.

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With the 72-hour live streaming of the "Cloud Celebration", Gingko College alumni were taken on a "travelling machine", they return to their Alma Mater where they always seen in dreams ; they "flew" over the Chengdu campus and Yibin campus and experienced the metamorphose of Gingko over the past 20 years.

"I am a graduates of year 2017, it is so good to see alma mater again, I can't help but moisten my eyes, I wish her getting better and better!" , "I am from Department of Hotel Management of year 2015, at that time there was only Chengdu campus, now there is Yibin campus where I see through live streaming is so beautiful, the younger Gingkoer must be very happy" ...... "back to"campus, alumni could not hold back their excitement and wished their alma mater better and better.

During the live streaming, outstanding achievements of education and teaching reform were exhibited to all teachers and students as well as community that concerned about the development of Gingko College.

The college flag and the 8 faculties flags were also displaying on the event!

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A series of distinctive activities were scheduled tight and densely for 3 days of live streaming. Teaching faculties, Youth League Committee as well as student club took part in the those events and activities, showcasing their creativeness and talents. There were cooking competition, "Yinxing Cup" cultural tourism activities,  product design exhibition with the theme of the Gingko anniversary, professional skills competition, time capsule , and campus bazaar.

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To celebrate 20 years birthday, an exclusive commemorative badge was designed by Gingko College for every staff member. What a memorable moment when each teacher took it off the wall in person.

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The online audience was also very enthusiastic. They typed "Happy 20th Birthday" to Gingko College through the live streaming platform.

Great achievement by over 1 million likes!

At 24:00 on May 20, the "Cloud Celebration-72 Hours On Live" came to a successful end with the overwhelming blessings of the alumni. During the three-day celebration from May 18 to 20, the total number of likes of "Cloud Celebration" exceeded 2 millions.

"Many thanks to Gingko for the cloud celebration, although  we are not being able to return, we felt home", "72 hours of non-stop live streaming, can’t imagine how great efforts of preparation, much appreciated to the thoughtfulness of alma mater, we are so proud of Gingko College today!" said alumni.

With the theme of "Bingo Gingko", the "Cloud Celebration - 72 Hours On Live" was a tour guide that leads viewers to visit Gingko, taste Gingko, recall Gingko, and look forward to Gingko in a comprehensive and multi-angle way.

20 years of journey has past, we should look forward. Let's wish Gingko a prosperous and glorious future, and also wish the students of Gingko would never forget the original intention and forge ahead, and to make the history of Gingko into a great new chapter!

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