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The 6th National College Student Art Exhibition: Gingko Youth Practicing Volunteer Spirit and Contributing Youth

Source:Gingko College    Time:2021-05-11 18:27:08

On the evening of May 6, the 6th National College Student Art Exhibition kicked off at the Chengdu City Concert Hall. Delegations from 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macau Special Administrative Region have successively appeared on the stage, and the students from more than 20 universities including Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Wuhan University, Sichuan University, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) and University of Macau brought a gorgeous and shocking literary feast together.


And behind this wonderful opening ceremony, it is also inseparable from such a group of "cute people". They were orderly, performing their duties, and working together to ensure the smooth opening of the Great Art Exhibition. Among them, Zhou Liming, the teacher of our college,is one of the members of the organizing committee of the great art exhibition, teacher Wang Zhenshan is the general liaison of our college, teacher Yang Yiru is the liaison of the etiquette group of the opening and closing ceremonies, and teacher Liu Na is the one-to-one reception group of the University Liaison. There were 19 etiquette volunteers, 26 volunteers from the counterpart reception team of colleges and universities (including 1 publicity volunteer), and 30 service volunteers at the venue. A total of 79 people participated in the work of this great art exhibition.


Dressed in formal attire, they are generous and adorned the Chengdu City Concert Hall with smiles., and they were shining brightly at the opening ceremony by VIPs who received and led the entrance.


In accordance with the service principle of one university to one provincial and municipal delegation, volunteers from the counterpart reception team of our college are responsible for the special services of various performance groups in Sichuan Province and accompany them throughout the process,assisting in comprehensive service management such as event docking, conference affairs consultation, performance coordination, and on-site contact.


Propaganda volunteers provide news media with media affairs liaison assistance, news media field affairs assistance, interview registration, relay and assistance, and coordination of propaganda and reporting related work during the conference.



Venue service volunteers appeared in each corner of the Chengdu City Concert Hall for the performance guests to guide and answer questions, diversion and ticket checking, etc. Maintain the order in the city concert hall and make the great art exhibition proceed in an orderly manner.


The panda heroes of Gingko College of Hospitality Management began to work in mid-to-late April to provide a high-quality and efficient service guarantee for the National Art Exhibition, and fully demonstrate the demeanour of our Gingko volunteers with professional volunteer services. In the later period, we will continue to complete every voluntary work with high quality and efficiency, not forgetting our original intention and keeping our mission in mind. Work hard to practice the theme of this year's Great Art Exhibition "struggle, innovation, dedication"!

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